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Crossing boundaries on a heavyweight tip

From here to there and back with a sub heavy sound pushing forwards into deeper bass space………….

Whats going on?

Yes yes yes….In the Loaf-I studio now with Smerins Tom and Dr Meaker Ben…..writing parts for our show at Shambala….we are waiting for Toby who is on his way..apparently…

Glastonbury 2010=it went off!

Hi all, just to say we played a brand new set on the Arcadia stage at the largest festival in the world on Saturday night and it was massive! with DJ Darcus at the controls and Dom Coyote on the Mic….all good! Thanks to Simon, Bertie and all the Arcadia crew.

Shambala 2010

DJ Darcus will be doing a special set in collaboration with Ben Wood, Toby Riches and Tom Wilding (from Dr Meaker/Smerins Anti Social Club) who will provide the brass and a plethora of live circus performance from a 20 strong crew….it was amazing last year….and even better this year! Friday and Sunday night at the festival, 8pm…see you there.

DJ Set at Glastonbury 2010

DJ Marcus/Darcus will be performing a set of new material at 8pm on the Arcadia Stage for an hour with MC/ front man Dom Coyote….check this link :


Producer Marcus is currently working on another remix for top Bristol drum and bass/urban act Dr Meaker to be released next year featuring hiphop artist Perelli

Resonant basslines…..

Apparently at the last Cirque Du Freq show,we caused some peoples’ teeth to chatter in their heads,their voices sound like vocoders and a few had to leave to find a close by porta-loo as it was quite bowel-loosening as they listened to the show-due to some incredible subsonic bass action….D

CIRQUE DU FREQ : It Went off!

Thanks to all Shambala festival crew, especially Dan who booked us! we did it! and we will do more, all crew are very happy with the new show…..Sarah has filmed it and it will get put on youtube whenever it gets edited……we are considering doing the next show in Bristol…..M
P.S massive shouts out to all crew involved with the show (19 in total!) epecially Lindsay and Ash!


An exciting collaboration between Marcus Campbell (Dubrovnik) Tom Wilding (Smerins anti-social club) Toby Riches (Smerins anti-social club) and Ben Wood (Dubrovnik and Dr Meaker) plus many circus performers will result in a very exiting show happening at Shambala festival Sunday 30th August 2009 .
Cirque du Freq was commissioned by the festival, and be making more appearances later this year…..look out for CIRQUE DU FREQ!!